Stop Debt Collection

Stop Debt Collectors
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Stop Debt Collectors And Never Hear from Them Again!

Stop Debt Collectors and Never Hear from Them Again!  Learn the Shocking Secrets the Debt Collectors Don’t Want You to Know!

The powerful letters included will stop them cold and can even stop a Lawsuit !!!


Knowing this stunning information will help families and individuals retain their hard earned cash. Written by a debt relief professional and consumer advocate, this ebook is written in simple English and will help readers stop third party debt collectors from harassing them and stop collection activity. Readers will learn how to make the collectors go away and 99 times out of 100, they will never hear from them again.

This book is for those with no knowledge of legal issues or terms. With every day speech, readers can clearly understand how to protect themselves against debt collection and collection abuse. The letters and templates included are powerful in stopping debt collection activity in an instant.

The book shows how underhanded most debt collection companies operate. Most of these companies use scare tactics that go against U.S. Federal Law. Most consumers don’t know these Laws and are regularly duped into paying monies that they don’t really owe!  Collectors purchased alleged debts for pennies and sometimes less than a penny on the dollar. Then demand that the consumer pay the full stated amount. We consider that unconscionable. With knowledge from this book, a consumer can nip a collector’s efforts in the bud and prevent a lawsuit from being filed against them. Learn the tips the collectors don’t want anyone to know.

Stop debt collectors